Nakefit Is a Protective Pads for Your Feet. Best Gadget For The Beach

Nakefit Is a Protective Pads for Your Feet. Best Gadget For The Beach

Designed to cover your soles while walking with bare feet, this cool gadget protective barrier foot provides an underground protective cover on your feet while at the same time providing freedom of movement without narrowing the shoes in reserve. Would you like to walk barefoot without burning the base on hot sand? This will work. Do you want to walk around in your backyard without shoes, but don't want to grab random pebbles, small stones, and occasional scratches from the wood to the floor? Yes, this must be in good condition.

Adhesive foot pads is a sticky sole that sticks directly to your foot and creates a protective barrier between your sole and the world. It comes in various sizes similar to traditional shoes, so you can find the exact fit for your feet. In addition to protection, the soles provide additional grip while being water resistant, making them ideal for use in swimming pools, water parks and other wet areas where you may encounter slippery sections along the way. Places like dressing rooms and spas should make them an ideal place to wear instead of flip-flops because they can protect your footbed while providing a shield from any dirt and contaminants hidden in public floors.

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